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Vegetable juice or soup: the soup is better

The death of a scientist after drinking ‘lauki’ (bottle gourd) juice has created another controversy. Though the chances are that he may not have died due to ‘lauki’ yet the question arises can  diabetics take raw vegetables? Is ‘lauki’ juice the right drink to take? Or is ‘lauki’ soup the answer.

Medically the key is hygiene. If hygiene can not be maintained, follow the formula “heat it, boil it, cook it, peel it or forget it.” One should not eat or drink raw vegetables especially in the rainy season. In rainy chaturmas, the intake of leafy raw vegetables is prohibited. Also if a vegetable has got rotten after boiling or cooking, the poison part will get nullified.

A raw vegetable is o.k. for purchase if it:

  • Tastes the same
  • Smells the same
  • Feels the same
  • Looks the same

Beware… if a vegetable is more pulpy, has powder on the surface, is more bitter, is more brighter… it may be denatured or ripened with artificial chemical ripeners.

Dr KK Aggarwal

Editor in Chief