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Science behind today’s “Kalyug mein Ramayana”

The current cricket world cup scenario: India (Rama) married World Cup (Sita) in 1983 and in 1996 Sri Lanka (Ravana) took away Sita (World Cup).
Now after 14 years of vanvaas, they meet again to take back their Sita.

Out of the four Yugas, Ramayana is based in the Tretya yuga with Rama defeating Ravana and Hanumana setting Lanka on fire. After two yugas, there will be another Ramayana in today’s era of Kalyuga.

Today will be the day when a Hanuman of today will try to attempt another Lanka Dahan in the afternoon. Who will be this Hanuman? The answer would be clear to us by the end of the day.

Will he be Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh or Zaheer Khan? It is clear that the Rama of this Kalyugi Ramayana will be Mahender Singh Dhoni with the role of Lakshmana (lakshya – determination and manas (Mind) role being played by Suresh Raina and that of Sugriva (Intellect) by Sachin Tendulkar.

Will this happen or not only time will tell. But all odds are in favor the Kalyugi Ram i.e. MS Dhoni. Firstly, this battle is not in Lanka but in Ram’s home country and “God” is with Sachin who wants to give him a World Cup as a gift in his last few years of cricket. God’s grace is obvious in that he gave Sachin at least four chances so that India could win against Pakistan in the semifinals. In fact, God never wanted India to lose.

A Bharat Ratna for Sachin Tendulkar is only a century away. If this happens during the India–Sri Lanka final match and India wins nobody can stop Sachin from getting Bharat Ratna next year.

Scientifically, the Indian cricketers will have higher serotonin levels in their blood on the day of the match. The same would be true for the billion Indian supporters watching the match in the stadium as well as outside the stadium across the world.

It is a well known fact that whatever the collective consciousness of the society thinks happens. It is unlikely that India will lose the Sri Lanka match. All probabilities, superstitions, calculations, bookies’ predictions are in favor of India.

Unfortunately, in the India Pakistan semifinal match, both the sides did not give their best. Both the teams gave a very mediocre performance. We hope that in this final match, it will be the bat which will show the magic and Mumbai will be flooded with runs.

Like Ravana, Sri Lanka has not reached the finals of merit. They did not have to play against strong teams of India, Pakistan, South Africa and Australia in the knock out games. They were lucky that India beat Pakistan, New Zealand beat South Africa and India beat Australia in the knock out stages of the world cup. This is what Ravana did to Sita, who took her away when neither Rama nor Lakshaman were with her.

We do not have any Vibhishana in this game. Only an umpire with non deliberate wrong decision in favor of India can turn out to be the Vibhishana of Kalyuga.

Today many ambitions are on stake: India’s is to bring the cup back after 14 years; Sachin Tendulkar’s is to score his hundredth hundred; of Sehwag to get 200 or bat till the end; of Yuvi to become the Man of the Series and Dhoni’s to be the leaders in all formats of the game (T20 won inaugural world cup, number one Test team and now THE BEST TEAM ODIs 50 overs).

Will it be fulfilled or not, only the next few hours would tell.

Let us wish our team all the best! We will share happiness in tomorrow’s edition.

Kaliyuga ki Ramayana (Role players)

Rama: Consciousness: M S Dhoni

Lakshamana: Determined mind (taking control of the fag end power play)

Sita: Body (World Cup)

Bharat and Shatrughana: You and Me, the devotees of cricket

Hanumana: Breath control (Man of the Match today)

Sugriva: Intellect (Sachin Tendulkar, guiding Dhoni or Rama) Ravana: Ego (Sri Lanka Team)

Dr KK Aggarwal
Editor in Chief