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Super Bug Controversy

Whether the Super Bug is present in New Delhi/India or not is the recent controversy created by the journal Lancet. The research in the journal has shown that the bacteria were found to exist in water collected from various areas in Delhi. The enzyme NDM1 has been noted in the bacteria E. coli present in the urinary tract and GI tract of many people. As per the report, many asymptomatic people may be harboring the resistant bacteria and may end up with sepsis in susceptible situations.

The controversies are:

When the bacteria are present in many countries, why has there been a label of NDM1? Why not simply call it ‘Metallo–latamase 1’.

Is this an attack towards the rising popularity of medical tourism in India, which is affecting the European business as most of the Arabian countries are now choosing India as medical hub in preference to European countries like UK?

Is it a conspiracy or a marketing strategy towards a future antibiotic? In the context of computers, we often see a fear of virus being created and then weeks or months after, we find a new antivirus in the market. It is possible that some pharmaceutical company which is funding this research is in process of launching a new antibiotic which will work on the super bug in the coming months or years.

Whether this bug is present or not, nevertheless it is true that many of us do observe cases of gram negative sepsis resistant to all antibiotic including carbepenems.

It is the duty of the Government of India through the Ministry of Health to do a time–bound research and come out with facts as they are answerable to the general public in this regard. In the meantime, it becomes the duty of all of us to remove the fear from the public mind and spread the facts that any technique of safe water is good enough to tackle all bacteria including super bug.

Dr KK Aggarwal
Editor in Chief