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Stop commission and increase the fees

Today pathologists are giving upto 70% and imaging centers upto 60% as referral fee. For angioplasty with a stent, referral fee can be upto Rs. 40000/–. As per Medical Council of India Act, any referral fee, fee splitting, paying commissions or refund is unethical. But, unfortunately, most of the corporate hospitals are not governed by MCI but comes under Directorate of Health Services and the Nursing Home Act does not have punishment for unethical acts.

Doctors invariably get a bad name because they are the ones who are treating or referring the patients. It is well known that that by charging a fee of Rs. 50/– or Rs. 100/–, one cannot run his or her household and one ends up in accepting commissions. So, then why not actually increase the fee and stop this business of commissions or referral fees. A blood test which can be available for a patient @ Rs.30/–, why does one allow a patient to pay Rs. 100/–?

Stopping acceptance of referral fee will enhance the image of doctors in the society and make the treatment cheaper to the patient and still allow doctors to make enough money by charging more consultation fees.

Dr KK Aggarwal
Editor in Chief