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The psyche behind Sachin Tendulkar not playing ICC World T20

When T20 game started, the trio of Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguli and Rahul Dravid were apparently not in their best of the forms. Suddenly, a decision came from all three of them that they would not be playing in the shortest version of the game. What precipitated this decision only the insiders can tell. But what it ended up was that Sachin became a part of the decision from where he could never come out.

The very fact that Sachin is now playing IPL 4, is one of the highest run scorer and is also captaining Mumbai Indians, it indicates that he loves this shortest version of the game. It is now the duty of the Sachin’s fans all over the country to demand that till Sachin is playing active cricket, he should also represent the country in T20 games.

From psychology point of view, he is in a Catch 20 situation and he will never offer to play in T20 by himself. Even selectors may be hesitant in asking him to play T20. Only his fans can demand this. This behavior is a normal psyche of any celebrity.

Dr KK Aggarwal
Editor in Chief