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Osama death: the questions unanswered

1. Osama was killed by US military forces without taking PAK cops in confidence. Is it allowed in any country? If that so then it will be precedence for India to go to PAK and capture or kill the wanted criminals of India.

2. The US govt said that they had tested the DNA test of Osama and confirmed his identity. Where were the tests done, in Pakistan or in US? If in US how could they get the results within hours and if in Pakistan how come the government of Pakistan was not aware?

3. The US troops landed in US special helicopters. From where the helicopters came. How entered in the PAK area without being touched by the PAK agencies

There is something fishy in the media storey. Was Osama killed much before they actually announced his death for security reasons?

Dr KK Aggarwal
Editor in Chief