New Board of Medical Council of India

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The new Board of Governors of Medical Council of India was announced last Friday. Ever since there have been lot of undercurrents in the medical profession. It is difficult to understand the policy of the Government of India of changing the entire previous Board of Governors.

The Govt has treated the MCI more like a local medical association with a President and other office bearers for a peirod of one year. Even in IMA, the tenure of President is for one year but that of other office bearers is for minimum period of two years. By the time one gets acquainted with functioning in any organization, a period of one year is over.

When we talked to various people, most of the seniors in the profession were of the opinion that at least some of the previous members should have been retained so as to follow continuity in the council. Two seats even now have been kept vacant against which two persons from the old team could have been retained.

Will the new team start afresh or carry on the functions of the old team, only time will tell. This type of ad hoc arrangement in MCI cannot be permanent. Sooner or later, government will have to declare elections and maintain the autonomy of the council. Will this happen in this year or government will extend the tenure for another year? The new board of governors under the leadership of Dr. KK Talwar should work in this direction so that the MCI maintains its autonomy at the earliest.

Dr KK Aggarwal
Editor in Chief