Will India import P1 polio from Pakistan?

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India is on high alert against the deadly polio P1 virus coming from Pakistan Indian health ministry has asked the Punjab government to mandatorily vaccinate all children aged 0-5 years coming Pakistan for the next four months.

Pakistan till now has recorded 84 cases of polio of which 83 are of the P1 strain, a deadly dangerous since it travels faster and infects more people.

Polio also has re-entered China after a gap of 10 years with polio virus imported from Pakistan.  China’s last indigenous case was in 1994, and it’s very last case – imported that time from India – was in 1999. After the recent outbreak, the Chinese government has decided to immunize 4.5 million children.

India has reported just one case. Last case was reported on January 13 in West Bengal. Punjab has been polio free since 2009.