COPD patients more likely to develop lung cancer

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Lung cancer may be detected at an earlier stage by screening individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) early as per a report in Nov 20011 issue of European Respiratory Journal.

COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the world and lung cancer is the seventh, according to the World Health Organization. These two conditions are associated.

The research has shown that individuals with COPD are more likely to develop lung cancer compared to individuals who currently or previously smoked with normal lung function.

Amongst COPD patients 1% develops lung cancer each year compared to 0.2% of people with normal lung function, a five time increase in the risk of COPD patients developing lung cancer.

Practicing dietary habits for a few months makes all the difference

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  • You need only 500 mg of salt per day but most eat more than 3.5 grams in a day
  • One can live without sugar (without any kind of carbohydrate as long as some fat and protein are available).
  • Adopting diets low in salt, fat, sugar, or animal products can alter the food preferences.
  • Flavor and food preferences are more malleable when we’re young (indeed, in utero), but as adults, we can still work on them.
  • People who manage to follow a low-sodium diet for several months wind up preferring lower concentrations of salt in their food.
  • Tastes changes to liking for sweeter things after a month of drinking a sweetened energy drink.