Will India be polio-free for 365 days?

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If India remains polio free by 13th January, it will make a record of being polio free for one year. For the first time. The last case was recorded on 13th January 2011 from Howrah ( West Bengal). The same genetic linkage was associated with sewage virus of Wasirpur Delhi. There are 181 cases in Pakistan as of date, around 71 in Afganistan, and 50 in Nigeria. India is going to be out of the list of four endemic countries. Now the challenge is to remain polio-free for the next two years and also to be categorized as polio-free country. The US health Secretary Kathline Seblieus will be visiting India on 13th January on the occasion of one year of Polio-free India.

[Input from Dr Vishesh Kumar, WHO]