Govt. mulls six-and-a-half year MBBS with one-year rural stint (TOI)

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The government is considering increasing the duration of MBBS course to six and a half years from the present five-and-a-half years. This may not be the answer and is likely to be opposed by the medical community. I have the following observations to make on this issue.
1. Keep the length of MBBS course five-and-a-half years as it is presently.
2. Keep MD three years as it is.
3. Keep DM 3 years as it is.
4. Make a 6-month internship in rural area compulsory
5. Make one month clinical posting in rural area each year in MBBS compulsory.
6. Make 6-month clinical hands-on posting compulsory in MD as senior resident (three months in 2nd year and three month in 3rd year)
7. Make 3-month hands-on posting as consultant compulsory during DM (2nd year)
8. Salaries during these periods should be made tax free so that when they finish MBBS, MD or DM they have some money to invest and start practice. They should also be given additional rural inactive allowance during this period.