Highlights of International Conference on Cardiovascular

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Research Convergence being held at AIIMS and organized by Dept. Cardiology and Pharmacology
Dr M K Bhan Chief Guest, Secretary Biotechnology: CAD occurs at the age when you are most wanted in the society. There are a large number of heart patients in the country. We must increase the number of faculty at AIIMS to take care of the increasing number of patients. To reduce anxiety we must take some time off from routine work and think differently. Our research must focus on affordable health care. Biomedical field can link various countries together. Participate globally but think Indian.
Dr S K Maulik said that this conference is a maiden attempt in bringing out a white paper on the subject.
Dr R C Deka Director, AIIMS said that cardiovascular disease is one of the main focuses of WHO. Inflammation is important for the pathogenesis of CAD. CAD is a big killer.
Dr Balram Airan, Chief Cardioneuro Center, AIIMS said that stem cell therapy will be the focus of the conference. Indian Systems of Medicine will also be a focus of the conference.
Dr P Venugopal said that to reduce the incidence of heart disease we must feel young at any age.
Dr James T Willierson, Director Texas Heart Institute delivered the key note address on stem cell therapy. Dr Balram Bhargava, Organizing Secretary, Head CV Surgery; Dr V K Bahl, Head Cardiology; Dr Y K Gupta Head Dept. of Pharmacology and Dr Sandeep Seth also presented their views.
Others who were present and honored were Prof M L Bhatia, Dr KK Talwar, Chairman MCI, Dr S K Gupta, Dr N K Ganguly, Dr Ranjit Rai Chaudhary, Dr U Kaul, Dr M Khalilullah, Dr R Tandon and Dr S C Manchanda.
Hirdaya Ratna Awards given
Jewel in the Heart awards were given by the International conference on cardiovascular Research Convergence held at AIIMS and organized by Dept. of Cardiology and Pharmacology.
The recipients of the awards were
• Dr Prof M L Bhatia, Teacher of Teachers, first DM from AIIMS. Compassionate physician, great researcher and clinician par excellence. Three generation of his students are now heading various cardiology departments all across the country. He said, “I am honored to receive this award.”
• Dr Prof P Venugopal, former Director of AIIMS. Initiated the stem cell project in the country. He performed the 1st cardiac transplant in the country. . He said, “I am honored in receiving this award. I started in this institute as an undergraduate. AIIMS is now a recognized brand all across the world.”
• Dr S D Seth in the field of Pharmacology. More than 170 papers in International Journals. His students are all over. His work on experimental MI is well known. . He said, “This award is special to me. It was Dr S C Manchanda who started convergence at AIIMS cardiology.”