Dr Walia Inaugurates National Conference of State Medical Councils

10:05 am Health Care

1st National Conference of state medical councils organised by DMC was inaugurated at New Delhi Here today and was attend by 14 medical councils.

Master of the ceremony Dr. Navin Dang said that the combo of Dr. A K Walia and Mr. Anshu Prakash is unique and we must take maximum advantage out of it.

Dr. Arun Aggarwal President DMC in his inaugural, address said that the council will come out with a white paper on the subject.

Dr. Ashok Gupta, member BOG MCI said that a committee has been instated under Dr. Ganguley and will come out with rules of medical ethics.

Mr. Anshu Prakash, Principal Secretary Health and Family Welfare Government of India said regulations are desirable but self regulation is the best answer. Medical ethics issue is dear to me. I get complaints every day against the doctors. There should not be any prize regulation in the private sector. The market forces must decide about the same. Consumables and drugs prizes however must be regulated. Patient safety issue must be our priority. Maintaining quality standards should also be on priority. Doctor’s safety should also be discussed. Each system of medicine has its strength. Delhi Govt. is committed against quacks. CEA will be implemented. Nurse’s issue is of concern. Qualified nurses, bed nurse ratio. ANM cannot substitute GNM’s. PNDT act implementation should be strict. Public health intervention should be every ones priority. There will be no red tapism in health ministry.

Dr. A K Walia, Health Minister Government of Delhi inaugurated the conference. In 1982 my mother had Cancer esophagus. I saw an advertisement of miracle treatment. I went to Raipur under pressure. Dr was practicing on the top of the restaurant. After 3 days we realized that he was a fake doctor. These doctors have no ethics. Doctors must restrict to their own path. Food adulteration is my priority. Fake medicines are being sold and we must do something about it.

Dr. Vinay Aggarwal Vice President DMC also graced the dais. Dr. Girish Tyagi Secretary DMC proposed the vote of thanks.

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