tPA Safe in Pediatric Stroke

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Using thrombolytic therapy appears to be as safe in children with acute ischemic stroke as it is in adults; however, the intra cerebral hemorrhage was higher (4% versus 0.38%), said Dr Amer Alshekhlee, of Saint Louis University. But even though the rate was elevated with thrombolytic therapy, it was comparable to that found in adult populations said Dr Bruce H. Cohen, director of pediatric neurology at Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio.

Alshekhlee and colleagues identified 9,367 children admitted with acute ischemic stroke who were included in the Kids’ Inpatient Database from 1998 to 2009. Only 75 (0.8%) received thrombolytic therapy Those who were treated were older on average than those who were not treated.

In addition to the higher rate of intracerebral hemorrhage, the unadjusted rate of in-hospital mortality was also elevated in the patients who received thrombolysis (12% versus 6.2%).

After multivariate adjustment, however, intra cerebral hemorrhage was predictive of in-hospital mortality but use of thrombolytic therapy was not.

Can Vitamin D Treat Pain?

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Women with dysmenorrhea who take a single high dose of vitamin D suffer much less menstrual pain and have no need of pain medications for any reason for up to 2 months says Antonino Lasco, MD, from the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Messina, Italy. One should use cholecalciferol in these patients, especially when exhibiting low plasmatic levels of 25(OH)D [25-hydroxyvitamin D]. The study is published February 27 in the Archives of Internal Medicine.