First TAVI case in India

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Fortis Escorts Delhi created history by doing the first three successful cases of TAVI by a team led by Dr Ashok Seth, also President CSI.

TAVI Transcutaneous Aortic valve Implantation is done in high risk cases aortic stenosis unsuitable for surgery.

TAVI Surgery is now available in India and the permission for the same is given by the DCGI on merit on case to case basis.

One case was 72-years-old post bypass with porcelain aorta; 2nd aged 82 and 3rd aged 79 years, both frail patients. All had calcified severe aortic stenosis.  TAVI was done using the core valve.

Total procedure time was 45 minutes with in and out time of 120 minutes. None of them developed a stroke. One patient on 4th day of asymptomatic AV dissociation needed a pacemaker.

In 2004, two cases on pump were attempted by Dr Ashok Seth and Dr P Lal. But truly percutaneous cases have only been done now.