A soda a day raises heart disease risk by 20%

11:38 am Health Care, Medicine

Sugary drinks are associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease as well as some adverse changes in lipids, inflammatory factors, and leptin as per a new analysis of men participating in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study by Dr Lawrence de Koning at Children’s Hospital Boston, MA. The report is published in March 12, 2012 in Circulation.

Even a moderate consumption, one can of soda every day, is associated with a significant 20% increased risk of heart disease. There was no increased risk of CHD with artificially sweetened beverages in this analysis. However, diet soda has been shown to be associated with weight gain and metabolic diseases in previous studies. Diet soda has high-intensity sweet taste, which may condition people’s taste.

Water is the best thing to drink, or coffee or tea. Fruit juice is not a very good alternative, because of the high amount of sugar. Although if diluted with water, it’s much better than a can of soda.

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