Are you a Leader or Manager?

6:51 am Health Care

The health industry is undergoing a major change, so top of your agenda should be how you can influence, or in other words, become leaders. Social intelligence is how you can connect with people. This was the crux of an enlightening and entertaining talk on Social Intelligence by Mary Keightley at Moolchand Medcity Auditorium yesterday.

Mary Keightley is Founder and director of Mind Associates Ltd, a training company that provides business training and director coaching in the areas of leadership, communication, attitude and sales. She has traveled the world to help people make changes in their attitudes and beliefs and motivate them.

As a leader, you should know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses and quality of thinking. Most importantly, you need to be confident to think differently, take risks and be focused on results.

Leaders and Managers do things differently. Notable differences among the two are:

  • Managers do things right; Leaders do right things.
  • Managers focus on Present; Leaders focus on Future.
  • Managers just manage change; Leaders anticipate change

It’s difficult to be brilliant at both.

The revolutionary growth of the Internet has changed the way we do things. It provides huge opportunities to meet online. Your ability to connect with people online i.e. without being face to face requires a different set of skills or IT Etiquette. This includes:

  • Observation and listening: Watch expressions for any reaction and really listen
  • Don’t sit too close to the camera.
    Watch what you wear for online meetings. Wear bright colors.
  • Be conscious of your non verbals.
  • Arrange a proper screen behind you so that people are not distracted by what’s behind you or around you.
  • Always have a phone number handy, so that if the internet connection breaks down, you can send a text to that person.
  • Don’t be lazy about timekeeping.

To be a good communicator, it is important to understand that people are different. There are 4 personalities, 4 thinking preferences. Preferences are linked to abilities.

These four different personalities form 4 quadrants of a circle and denoted by colors: Blue, Yellow, Green and Red. These influence how we interact socially and also our decision making.

  • Blue asks ‘What’
  • Yellow asks ‘Why’
  • Green asks ‘How’
  • Red asks ‘Who’

This is the full spectrum of thinking

Yellows are good at strategy, Blues are good at managing budgets, Greens are good at administration and Reds are good at managing patients. So teams are always better than individuals. You need all 4 quadrants for an organization to succeed.

If you think differently, then you can connect with anybody and this give you incredible influence over people and qualities of leadership. If you can fit your behaviors into each of these colors, you can get along with all people.

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