Confederation of Associations of Medical Specialties of India (CAMSI)

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Confederation of Associations of Medical Specialties of India (CAMSI),
at an emergency meeting held on 9th June, 2012 at New Delhi, discussed
the impact of Star/ABP TV Programme – “Satyamev Jayate” – (Does
Healthcare Need Healing?) telecast on Sunday 27-5-2012.
It was unanimously resolved that:-
1.     The programme was half baked, presenting one sided story based
on superficial research and on distorted truths to tarnish the image
of the medical profession.
It has not only maligned the doctors but also raised the doubts &
suspicion in the minds of the public at large, thus eroding the
doctor-patient relationship which is based on utmost faith.
More than medical-men and various Associations of doctors / medical
specialists, the programme has done dis-service to the society at
large without realizing that crores of patients are attended every day
by medical fraternity across the country and with unparalleled  zeal,
commitment & philanthropy  giving the best results under all types of
circumstances and relieving the pain and agony suffered by patients.
The meeting unanimously condemned the one sided projection & story
telling and appeals to the responsible leaders of Media to project the
other side of the coin also so that faith of the public in their
doctor is not further eroded by such irresponsible programmes.
(Dr.Mukesh Yadav)