Discussion with Dr JS Pasricha, Professor of Dermatology (Retd), AIIMS, New Delhi

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Approach to a patient with hyperpigmentation

  • The commonest condition is chloasma or melasma. It is a dark discoloration of the skin that appears on the sun-exposed areas of the face. It does not cause any other symptoms besides skin discoloration but may be of great cosmetic concern.
  • It is common in post pregnancy phase.
  • Though more common in women, it can also occur in men.
  • It is a hormonal disorder.
  • The answer is peeling of the skin. Peeling of the skin can be done with retinoic acid application.
  • One can also give hydroquinone which is an anti-pigmentation agent for local condition and is present in all fairness creams.
  • One can also try to Ayurvedic raw Haldi (not told by Dr JS Pasricha).
  • Hyperpigmentation can also occur because of photosensitivity on the exposed areas like face, neck, forearm and the exposed parts.
  • There are three agents that can cause photosensitivity in susceptible individuals (1%). They are perfumes, soaps and shampoos; herbal products; sunscreen and drugs. ┬áCalamine application for preparation of the skin is safe. Clothes are the best form of sunscreen.