Life after death

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It all depends on the definition of who I am?.  Am I my physical body, mid, intellect, ego or the soul?
In terms of computer language my physical body is the hard ware; Prana Vayu the electricity, mind-intellect and ego the application software Word – Excel and Power Point; Udana Vavu the operational software and the soul the internal internet.
The body gets merged with the universe after death. The physical body after death gets merged with the five elements (the physical body of the universe).
The universe is not made up of five elements only. It is also made of the spirit or the consciousness or the cloud internet (energized information) called GOD. Same is true for the human body. The non physical components of human body will therefore get merged with the respective components of the cloud internet.
As they mostly consist of energized field of information (information with the power), they can remain alive for ever as they are based on retrievable information model. It’s like a computer hard ware may be dead but the software and the data may be retrievable from the server any time later.
Medically deaths can be defined as

1.      Heart dead brain living situation
2.      Brain dead heart living situation
3.      Brain and heart dead situation
4.      A specific organ death
5.      Death of self esteem in a living person
6.      Spiritual death or the egoistic state

Heart dead brain living state: is called cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac death. It is reversible in the first ten minutes in normal room temperature and for a prolonged period of time in freezing temperature. The process of revival is called “chest compression cardiac resuscitation”. The story of Savitri Satyvan probably relates to the first CPR process in mythology. All examples of revival of dead bodies by Rishi Munis in mythology probably relates to this situation.
This explains that there is full life after cardiac arrest for some time depending on the environment temperature.
Brain dead heart living situation: relates to the organ transplant definition of brain death. It is well explained in terms of Ayurveda and Prasanno Upanishad.
Human body has five types of Prana or air and they are Prana Vayu( respiration, speech, papillary movements, brain stem reflexes); Apana Vayu  ( downward expulsive movements like defecation, passing urine, menstruating etc); Vyana Vayu ( heart movements), Samana Vayu ( GI movements) an Udana Vayu ( brain movements).
After brain death the movements and functions of samana, apana and vyana vayu can remain alive as long as a person is kept artificially alive on oxygen through ventilator.  There is a case on record where a
pregnant mother who had brain stem death 6 months of pregnancy was put on oxygen via ventilator till she Caesarean delivered a live baby.

Brain dead and heart dead state

It talks about the concept of the death of the physical body and not the soul. Katha Upanishad, Bhagavad Gita and Garud Purana talks about this in detail.
It can also be explained in the IT language as explained above. The energized information (sanskara, karmas) of a person can remain alive even after the death of the physical body in the cloud internet model of spirit. A specific organ death:
1.      Tooth can remain alive for some time after it is out of the body. One should not throw away the tooth but carry it to the hospital for re-implantation
2.      Similarly a finger may not die for hours if accidentally cut. One should carry it to the hospital for re implantation.
3.      Most organs retrieved after brain death remains alive for hours before they are transplanted in next person.
4.      Once blood is taken from a person it can be stored for months before being given to next person.
5.      The story of dancer Claire Sylvia who after receiving heart and lung transplant developed the traits of the donor ( change in sexual preferences from male to female, change in the liking of colour from
red to green and blue, new acquiring taste for chicken and beer) talks about the  concept cellular memory and that memory and consciousness can remain alive and even transfer to other persons during transplantation.  Bu this does not hppen in every one.

The concept of cellular memory has not been accepted in Modern medicine. But can be explained by the computer IT model of consciousness.

Those who believe that the soul with the memory changes bodies after the death of physical body mean in computer terms that the data of one computer gets transferred to another new updated computer along with both software and the retrievable data.

The new updated software when reaches the new body may or may not be able to retrieve that data unless the frequency matches of the new soft ware with the past data enters o earlier version of the soft ware. This can happen in the first few years of life or in meditative people.

This can explain why some people only remember their past lives.
Why GOD created us with a newer version of software and not allowed us to know our past is so that we can live an independent life. If we knew our past we would be forced to live a life which is linked to our
past births. When you join a new company and get a new computer you keep your old data in a separate hard disk and do not mix up with the present job data as the jobs may e all together different.

For example if a kidney of a person with bad karmas is transplanted to a person with good karma. Automatic transfer of the cellular memory will harm the recipient. GOD who created the cloud internet never wanted the same.

This is also the reason why the identity of organ, egg, sperm donors etc is not disclosed ethically to the recipients.  A spiritual man can still bear the adversity but a common man can not.

As the transplant is beyond race, cast and religion.

6.      One can even father after the death of physical body. It is possible by storing the sperms while alive in freezing conditions. Similarly the eggs can be stored for years.

7.      Death of self esteem in a living person: Is a state of extreme depression in a person.

8.      Spiritual death or the egoistic state: is a state of extreme egoism with no spirituality left in a person.
9.      Moksha or the liberation: Bhagavad Gita talks about Moksha and liberation. Those who believe in the philosophy of rebirth know that once a soul is liberated at death, a person is not reborn. Or in  computer language that energized memory data gets either permanently deleted from the cloud internet or remains in the cloud internet and is not available for modification through transfer to a soul

For others who believe that hell and heaven are in this birth only, liberation means dying peacefully and without sufferings. The theory of rebirth is well described in Bhagavad Gita in Chapter 8. The gist of Lord Krishna’s teaching is:
1.       Whatever you think throughout your life will be your thought at the time of death.
2.       Whatever is the state of mind at the time of death will be the atmosphere you will get in the rebirth. For example if your state of mind is in cruelty at the time of death, you will be born in a cruel family.
3.       If you are relaxed, thinking of God or Chanting AUM at the time of death, there are chances your soul will be liberated.
4.       Fire, illumination, daytime, fortnight before the full moon and Uttarayana are the paths for liberation. It means these are the periods / ways for spontaneous positive thinking. From mental health point of view, this knowledge can be converted into medical prescription.  Uttarayana means Satvic healthy state of mind and dakshinayana means a depressed state of mind. Performing and attending to Yagna, sitting in well illuminated light or exposing oneself to the day sunlight can be an adjunct to depression treatment.

During the first fortnight of full moon and during uttarayana, the psychotherapy and counseling invariable will work better and the requirement of drugs may get reduced. Uttarayana is also the period
for ‘Snana’ (bath); ‘Daan’ (charity); ‘Dhayana’ (concentration), ‘Upvas’ (detoxification) and ‘Sun worship’ (Sunbath).
10.     Rebirth can take time? Means that you may have the data of the dead person in the cloud and not transferred to the new soul for some time. People call it as that the person’s soul is not in peace.

In computer language the cloud internet has two main hard discs one is ‘hell’ and the other ‘heaven’. The data files in heaven are not transferrable. Only the hell files can be transferred to the new souls. In other words the new soul in making can down load newer version of updated software from the cloud internet along with some data present only in the ‘hell’ hard disc.