Skin care

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Discussion with Dr. JS Pasricha, Professor Dermatology (Retd.), AIIMS, New Delhi
1. Clean with soap and water.
2. Moisturizers can make the skin dirty.
3. Dryness is better than dirtiness.
4. No soap is a better soap.
5. Glycerin is the safest moisturizer.
6. One should rub hard but should not cause bruises.
7. Soap emulsifies, therefore, one should remove 100% of surface part.
8. Killing the normal flora of the skin is a bad idea. Therefore, do not use antiseptic soaps.
9. Remember, Dettol does not kill pseudomonas infection.

Can creams and oils penetrate skin?

1. The answer is no.
2. Oil cannot be absorbed.
3. Nutrition cannot be absorbed from the skin.
4. Almond cannot be absorbed from the skin.
5. Unless the skin is damaged, nothing can be absorbed.
6. For absorption, an occlusive dressing has to be used over a patch with a bandage, only then the drug can be absorbed. The bandage damages the skin because of preparation of moisturizer and heat.Any agent which is irritating can cause inflammation, erosion and then only a drug can be absorbed.
7. If the skin is damaged, it can cause inflammation and can cause dermal pigmentation.
8. Ultrasound techniques can be used to increase absorption.
9. Newer drugs are getting absorbed through nano techniques.