New procedure to prevent contrast nephropathy

10:22 am Health Care

A bed side procedure may prevent contrast -induced acute kidney injury in high-risk patients.

Ischemic preconditioning, restricting and restoring blood flow to induce a protective effect against a subsequent insult, is the method as reported in the journal Circulation. The intervention consisted of inflating a standard upper-arm blood-pressure cuff to 50mmHg above a patient’s systolic blood pressure for five minutes and then deflating it for five minutes.

In the randomized study, 100 patients with impaired renal function received either the pretreatment (four cycles of alternating five-minute inflations and deflations) or a sham intervention that only inflated to 10mmHg above systolic blood pressure.

With kidney injury defined as an increase in serum creatinine of at least 25% or 0.5 mg/dL above baseline within 48 hours after angiography, 40% in the sham arm developed contrast nephropathy, vs 12% in the active arm.

Surrogate endpoint used in the study clearly suggests renal protection by ischemic preconditioning

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