PURE: 40% of adult population worldwide has hypertension

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  • Hypertension is truly a global epidemic, being highly prevalent in all communities worldwide, according to new data from the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study.
  • Awareness is very low and that once patients are aware, most are treated, but control is very poor.
  • The prevalence of hypertension was lowest in lowest-income countries (around 30%) and highest in upper-middle-income economies (around 50%), with high-income and low-middle-income economies having an intermediate level (around 40%).
  • Only 30% of the population had optimal blood pressure, with another 30% found to be in the prehypertension range. Of the 40% with hypertension, 46% of these individuals were aware of their condition, 40% were treated, but only 13% were controlled.
  • In low-income countries, there were higher rates of hypertension in urban areas than in rural areas, but this was reversed in upper-income countries, where hypertension was more prevalent in rural communities.
  • Men were more likely to be hypertensive than women in high- and middle-income countries, but women were more likely to be hypertensive than men in low-income countries.
  • Low levels of education were association with increased prevalence of hypertension in high- and middle-income economies, but the reverse was true in low-income countries, where hypertension was actually more common in better-educated people.
  • Awareness, treatment, and control was higher in urban than in rural communities across all incomes, and women had higher rates of awareness, treatment, and control than men again across the board.
  • The use of multiple antihypertensive drugs was very low, at just 14%, and “practically nonexistent” in low-income countries.
  • Better screening methods are required and increased use of combination medications is needed.