Hot Cocoa for Improving Brain Cognition

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In a double-blind study, elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment who consumed high or moderate levels of cocoa flavanols for 2 months had significant improvements on certain cognitive assessment tests compared with those who took in only small amounts, Giovambattista Desideri, PhD, of the University of L’Aquila in Italy, and colleagues reported online in Hypertension.

Doctors at Risk of Higher Burnout

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According to a study in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, doctors are at a higher risk of burnout than the general population of employed people in the US.

The study found that 38 percent of doctors reported burnout symptoms, compared to 28 percent of the non-doctors. Frontline doctors such as ED or family practice doctors were the most susceptible to burnout, while dermatologists and preventive care specialists reported the lowest rates of burnout.

There was no increased rate of depression or suicide among doctors compared with the general population, a sign that the burnout is specific to the work environment.

University of Rochester Medical Center researchers found in 2009 that mindfulness meditation decreased burnout symptoms and improved feelings of well-being in doctors who underwent weekly sessions of the practice.

Compared with the general population, healthcare professionals worked a median 10 hours more a week (50 versus 40 hours), and 37.9% of physicians reported working 60 or more hours, versus 10.6% of the general population.