What Is The Purpose Of A Birthday?

9:00 am Health Care, Medicine

A birthday is usually regarded as a special day in a person’s life. But, I believe that each day is a special day in a person’s life…a gift from God.

Each birthday we are one year older and hopefully wiser. It is the day when we reflect on the year gone by, our unfulfilled tasks and our future goals.

Birthdays reminds us of our purpose in life, which are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Dharma, which means to hold together, is one which unites people and earning money (righteous earning) for that act is Artha. These righteous acts should be directed towards fulfilling the desires of acquiring inner happiness…Kama and Moksha.

I am deeply touched by the blessings and greetings from all of you on my 54th birthday. I reciprocate with my best wishes to each one of you.

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