Pneumonia more risky to heart patients

8:52 am Health Care, Medicine

People who are hospitalized with bacterial pneumonia are eight times more likely to suffer heart attack or other “acute coronary syndrome” within 15 days of admission than are their peers hospitalized for other conditions.

Even the patients with bacterial pneumonia are at greater risk for acute heart-related “events” in the days following admission than they are one year before or after hospitalization.

As per a research at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, from a study which focused on 206 patients with pneumonia and 395 non-pneumonia patients, compared to control patients, pneumonia patients had 7.75-fold higher risk of suffering an acute heart-related event within 15 days of being admitted to the hospital.

Overall, 10.7 percent of pneumonia patients suffered an acute coronary heart event within 15 days of hospital admission, compared with only 1.5 percent of control patients. Further analysis showed that pneumonia patients were roughly 45-times more likely to experience an acute coronary heart syndrome in the days following their admission than either one year before or after their hospital stay.

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