Maharashtra tops high blood pressure tally

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Health statistics: The ministry has rolled out the diabetes screening programme in 21 states with a target to check 150 million people in 100 districts for diabetes and hypertension

1. Seven percent of 1.06 crore people tested have diabetes and 6.1% have high BP.

2. Maharashtra has the lowest prevalence of diabetes (2.5%) but the highest prevalence of people suffering from high BP (18%).

3. Punjab recorded the lowest BP (0.8%).

4. Hill states of Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand have recorded high rates of diabetes or high BP.

5. Sikkim recorded the highest prevalence of diabetes (14%).

6. Himachal Pradesh recorded the second highest prevalence of hypertension (14.2%).

7. J&K recorded 8.9% prevalence of diabetes.

8. Eight percent population in Uttarakhand was found to have high BP.

9. Tamil Nadu (11.7%) recorded the second highest prevalence of diabetes followed by Karnataka (10.3%), West Bengal (9.8%), Kerala (9.3%), Orissa (9%), J&K (8.8%), Punjab (8.5%) and Andhra Pradesh (8.3%).

10. States which recorded a comparatively lower prevalence of diabetes include Madhya Pradesh (2.9%), Assam (3.7%), Chhattisgarh (3.9%), Haryana (4%), Jharkhand (4.6%), Uttarakhand (5.7%) and Uttar Pradesh (5.9%).

11. States like Andhra Pradesh (13.3%), Orissa (9%), Chhattisgarh (8.4%) and Gujarat (6.7%) recorded the highest prevalence while Assam and Rajasthan (1.4%), Kerala (2.4%), Bihar (2.7%), Madhya Pradesh (2.8%) and Uttar Pradesh (3.6%) recorded low prevalence p0f hypertension.

12. International Diabetes Federation: 44 lakh Indians in their most productive years — aged 20 to 79 years aren’t aware that they have diabetes, which killed 10 lakh Indians in the year 2011.

13. Contrary to popular belief, the report said diabetes affects more people in rural India (34 million) than affluent urban India (28 million).

14. The IDF said while 33 million Indian men are diabetic; 29 million women are affected by high blood sugar.

15. IDF estimates India is presently home to a whopping 63 million diabetics.

16. ‘DiabCare study’ conducted by Novo Nordisk: average age at onset of diabetes among Indians was 46 years with their average body mass index being 26.5.

17. Around 31.3% of the people with diabetes were hypertensive.

18. Risk factors showed 57% of those surveyed did not exercise at all.

19. Almost 38% had a family history of diabetes.

20. The number of complications increased with the mean duration of diabetes from one complication over 6.6 years to six complications at 9.7 years duration of diabetes.

21. Nearly 52% of Indians are not aware that they are suffering from high blood sugar. India is presently home to 63 million diabetics — an increase by nearly 2 million in just one year.  [Source Times of India]