Ego clash over LOC

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India is a country known for its cultural values and Vedic knowledge. Very clearly Indian mythology teaches that one should learn to control one’s ego. In mythology, snake represents duality of mind and Naag is depicted pro-ego.

Naag is seen in the neck of Lord Shiva, protecting Lord Vishnu when he is sleeping and  protecting Lord Krishna when he was born while traveling in stormy, rainy journey.

Everywhere when Naag is represented in mythology, it is with its hood (fun) directed inward and not outwards. It indicates that one should learn to control ones ego.

It should be ego-in and not ego-out. Ego in mythology and Vedic sciences has been known to destroy and ruin families, societies and countries.

One should not hurt the ego of someone else but always kill one’s egoistic behavior. One can prevent becoming egoistic by keeping ego directed towards soul and not towards outer world.

One can be egoistic about one’s oneness with the God or consciousness not egoistic about their mind and intellect.

Following are the situations if you hurt somebody’s ego, it can end up into serious retaliation which may end up with reactions of rage and destruction:

i.   Blaming somebody of financial embezzlement (Saala Chor Hai)

ii.  Taunting somebody of racism (woh kaala hai woh gora hai)

iii.  Telling a female that she is old (woh dhal gayi hai ya budi ho gayi hai)

iv.    Telling somebody that he is impotent (saala namard hai)

v.    Telling somebody that he is no competent in his profession (saala nalayak hai)

vi.                 Telling somebody that he is stupid (saala ullu ka patha hai)

In the present controversy around the Line of Control between India and Pakistan, it has now become a major issue related to ego. The spiritual answer is very simple. The heads of the armies of both the countries should meet on the Line of Control and try to sort the matter out. Whosoever is at fault should say sorry and come out of it. But will the Kalyugi politics allow them to do so as Indo-Pak bad relationship always keep the politicians alive with their bread and butter.

If it is does not happen, I will not be surprised that either Indo-Pak war will erupt or both of them will have to withdraw under pressure of US, UN of UK.

Remember suppressed emotions are also bad. If both the countries suppress their emotions under pressure of any third country, these suppressed emotions naturally will come out with vengeance

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