Doctors illegally taking organs of mishap victims?

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Reports HT.  According to the report, doctors, in connivance with the police, may be illegally removing organs of road mishap victims, including missing children, across the country. The Justice JS Verma committee had raised suspicion on the existence of “a racket” of extraction and sale of human organs in its report on the basis of the testimony of a top Union health ministry official and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) director.

My views:  No organs can be taken out unless the person is heart alive and brain dead. From a heart- and brain-dead person, only the cornea can be harvested and no other organs.

Brain-dead heart-alive victims will be on a ventilator and cannot be declared brain dead unless 24 hours have passed after the mishap.

Let the public perception not go with the HT story that it is possible to take organs out of a victim who dies in a road accident.