Amiodarone linked to Cancer Risk in Men

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The risk of cancer is increased in men taking amiodarone particularly in those with extensive exposure to the drug as per a retrospective study. Among men taking amiodarone, the risk for any cancer rose by almost 20% compared with the general population, according to Chia-Jen Liu, MD, of National Yang-Ming University Hospital in Yilan, Taiwan, and colleagues. And for men whose cumulative defined daily doses in a year exceeded 180, the risk was 46% higher the researchers reported online in Cancer.

Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and Filaria

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Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and Filaria are diseases spread by mosquitoes and are totally preventable. Here are a few tips:

• Both malaria and dengue mosquitoes bite during day time.
• It is the female mosquito which bites.
• Dengue mosquito takes three meals in a day while malaria mosquito takes one meal in three days.
• Malaria may infect only one person in the family but dengue will invariably infect multiple members in the family in the same day.
• Malaria fever often presents with chills and rigors. If the fever presents together with joint and muscle pains, one should suspect Chikungunya.
• Both dengue and malaria mosquitoes grow in fresh water collected in the house.
• The filaria mosquito grows in dirty water.
• There should be no collections of water inside the house for more than a week.
• Mosquito cycle takes 7-12 days to complete. So, if any utensil or container that stores water is cleaned properly once in a week, there are no chances of mosquito breeding.
• Mosquitoes can lay eggs in money plant pots or in water tanks on the terrace if they are not properly covered.
• If the water pots for birds kept on terraces are not cleaned every week, then mosquitoes can lay eggs in them.
• Some mosquitoes can lay eggs in broken tires, broken glasses or any container where water can stay for a week.
• Using mosquito nets/repellents in the night may not prevent malaria and dengue because these mosquitoes bite during the day time.
• Both malaria and dengue mosquitoes do not make a sound. Therefore, mosquitoes that do not produce a sound do not cause diseases.
• Wearing full sleeves shirt and trousers can prevent mosquito bites.
• Mosquito repellent can be helpful during the day.
• If you suspect that you have a fever, which can be malaria or dengue, immediately report to the doctor.
• There are no vaccines for malaria and dengue.

Medical vrat

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Ever since people have stopped observing weekly fasts, the incidence on high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attack has increased.
Scientifically, it is now known that eating carbohydrates everyday increases the chances of heart attack.
Here are some ways we can observe weekly medical vrata:
• Choose a fixed day in a week to observe fast. Eat only once that day (light meal). You can have water, jiggery water, mint water etc for the rest of the day.
• If one cannot fast, then one can have fruits and fruit juices.
• Single vrata meals can be either lunch or dinner and they should not contain carbohydrates or wheat cereals.
• Wheat cereals can be replaced by Besan ki roti or Samak Rice (fruit), singhare ki roti (fruit), kuttu ki roti (fruit) or sabu dana.
• Do not take any item prepared in vanaspati ghee on the day of fast.
• If this fast falls on Ekadashi, restrict the intake of liquid to prevent water retention on the day of full moon.
• The fast should also be observed along with other sensual fast i.e. one should live a satvik lifestyle on that day.
• Anything which pleasures the senses should be avoided like aromas, erotic smell, reading and watching aggressive and tamsik literature or movies on the day of fast.
• One should observe non-violence on the day of fast and this non-violence should be in action, speech and thought. On this day, one should not gossip, criticize, condemn or complaint about others and should not indulge in judgments unless they are a must. A classical example is, if someone abuses you on that day, you should say “kal dekhunga”.
• Sexual vrata is also a part and parcel of traditional medical vrata.
• On the day of vrata, reduce the intake of blood pressure and diabetes medicines. Insulin requirement may also reduce by 40% on the day of fast.
• Read spiritual scriptures, as much as possible, on the day of fast and avoid the company of bad people.

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