An interaction of Delhi Medical Association with Dr. Harsh Vardhan

10:59 am Health Care

1. When you joined as Health Minister, why did you continue your presidency in Delhi Medical Association?

A: The media too asked me at that time since I was the Health Minister of Delhi, why should I continue my position in DMA? My answer was that as a Health Minister, I am answerable to the public and as DMA President, I am answerable also to my professional colleagues.

2.What was the controversy between Polio Kendra and Polio Booth when you started the Polio programme?

A: Some of my opponents wanted to call the programme Polio Booth and not Polio Kendra because they thought that Polio Programme was a political campaign but it was not.

3. Why has quackery not been eradicated from the city so far?

A: I tried my level best and even tabled the Anti-quackery Bill but it could not be passed as our government changed. If I come back to power, we will revive the file. Also, do remember that quacks are better organized than medical professionals.

4. What are you views about Delhi Medical Association completing its 100 years?

A: Delhi Medical Association is the mother of Indian Medical Association. DMA will observe its 100th year this year and IMA will be doing it 14 years later. DMA should think big this year. All chapters of DMA should sit together and plan something big.

5. Should DMA be free of alcohol and tobacco?

A: It was when I was President of DMA.

6.What about black sheep in medical profession?

A: They need to be identified and punished. Doctors are role models for the society and if they think that they are the cream of the society, they should act accordingly.

7.Do you feel doctors are rated past amongst IAS?

A: No. A BA pass can also become an IAS but it is the cream of society, which chooses to become doctors and scientists. So, doctors have no reason to feel inferior to the IAS officers.

8. How can the image of medical profession be improved?

A: One should remember that who is speaking is not important but it is what he is speaking that is important. I have not forgotten the mantra I received from my school teacher, Dr. J.P. Sharma and I still follow that and the mantra is – “Honesty is the only ladder which can help a man climb the heightened height of ecstatic pleasure from the lower field of abject fortunes.”

Honesty, dedication and focused commitment are the answer. The doctor should also project to the society that they are sacrificing their years of life for the care of the public. Doctors die earlier than non-doctors by at least 10 years. It is evident from the fact that out of 100 only 28 DMA presidents are alive.

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