Can echocardiography camp be organized?

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As per new PNDT Amendment, echocardiography campaigns are not permitted as the echocardiography machines cannot be moved from one centre to another.

However, special permissions can be sought from the appropriate authorities with a conditional undertaking.

Following is the example of one such permission which was procured by Heart Care Foundation of India.

File No.: 9/1/86/PNDT/DFW/12/9328-36
dated 02.11.2012

Sub: Approval for using echocardiography machine during Perfect Health Mela 2012.

“In reference to your letter dated 03.10.2012, it is to acknowledge that Perfect Health Mela is being organized by Heart Care Foundation of India at Constitution Club of India from 1 to 11 November, 2012. The organization has approached the department for approval to mobilize their portable echocardiography machine from Heart Care Foundation of India to the mela venue for providing cardiac health checkup including free echocardiography and colour Doppler tests to cardiac patients. The undertaking has been submitted that no investigation (ultrasound) will be performed on ante-natal women and that echocardiography will be performed on cardiac patients. Further, the undertaking clearly mentioned that the foundation will comply with all other requirements and guidelines under PC and PNDT Act.

This is to further inform you that no financial, legal or ethical implications will be entailed at level of DFG or Department of Health or any of its district affiliation under Perfect Health Mela and that all due care and precautions will be ensured by the officer, doctor, hospital in-charge for this camp for ensuring that no violation of any PC & PNDT Act is committed by any one individual in the camp.

The Department or the appropriate authority will have the right to monitor the field survey at any stage and if required initiate necessary action if any violation is detected.

This has approval of State Appropriate Authority.”