High HgbA1c linked to hypoglycemia in diabetics with kidney failure

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There is a link between high baseline HbA1c and an increased risk for hypoglycemia hospitalization in a retrospective study of patients with diabetes enrolled in a large hemodialysis program. Higher baseline HbA1c was also associated with greater variability in HbA1c levels.

The investigators suspect that the greater risk of severe hypoglycemia associated with high HbA1c may derive from glucose variability during treatment for hyperglycemia. The study is published in Hemodialysis International.

Acute kidney injury in AMI more deadly

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Patients with acute kidney injury and myocardial infarction later experienced more major heart and kidney problems than those with MI alone. In a CJASN study, deaths occurred most often in patients who experienced both AKI and MI (57.5%), and least often in patients with uncomplicated admissions for MI (32.3%).

Healthy obesity does not exist

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New research published online in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that individuals cannot be simultaneously overweight and physically fit.

As BMI rose, so rose blood pressure, waist circumference and insulin resistance. As BMI increased, levels of HDL cholesterol, thought to protect against heart attack and stroke, decreased.

While participants who were either overweight or obese “may not yet have reached the points that define metabolic illness, they appeared to be on that road as their weight” increased.