Will the stringent rape laws create fear in the minds of the people?

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To some extent – yes but largely – not. There is a stringent IPC 302 law in which a person who commits crime can be hanged till death but this stringent law has not been able to reduce murders in the society They are still rampant in the society. Similarly, the new rape law may create fear in the people’s mind but in the long run, rapes will keep on occurring in the society.

The answer, therefore, lies in prevention. It is a medical fact that rape is often committed by known person who knows the weaknesses of the female acquaintance.

1. Females should never disclose their weaknesses to the man in the society even if they are close to them.
2. Never go alone with a male in late night parties and functions.
3. Awareness should be created about date rape drugs which are odorless, colorless and tasteless, and if consumed, the female feel that she is in date while actually she is being raped.
4. Counseling clinics should be available at every corner for males with excessive sexual desires or with sexual perversions.
5. All rape victims should be given emergency contraceptives so that they do not end up into a psychological problem when they get pregnant.
6. All rape victims should be given post exposure HIV prophylaxes so that they do not end up in getting HIV.
7. All rape victims should be given preventive drugs to prevent from future sexually transmitted illnesses.
8. Prostitution (female sex workers) should be legalized as they provide a method of sexual ease for those who do not have partners.
9. MSM and FSF should be legalized as they constitute upto 5% of the society. (Male having sex with male and female having sex with female).
10. Education should be crated in schools that western culture is not acceptable in India. In western culture, touching the area above the diaphragm may not constitute an assault and touching an area below diaphragm constitutes an assault.
11. Some women, as a normal behavior, tend to touch the male friends which can be taken as an indication for sexual advances by the male with weak mind.
12. Some girls do not mind getting kissed and may accept it as an acceptable social behavior but the same may be understood as a sexual advancement by a male with weea mind.
13. Many males think that women who drink or smoke are women with excessive sexual desires and do not mind sexual advancements.

Rape Prevention

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Aaj Tak is telecasting a show on 16th December, 2013 – the first anniversary of the Nirbhaya Kand. The recording of the show was held at Central Park, Rajiv Chowk, Connaught Place, New Delhi. A large number of celebrities, cine stars, social activists were invited for the show. I was also invited as a participant but, unfortunately, show ended before they could cover any health aspect on Nirbhaya Kand.

It is unfortunate that public’s mind in such cases is always towards the crime part.

Nobody asked about the rehabilitation of the victim or prevention of rape There are many medico-social issued which are linked to occurrence of any rape in the society.

1. To provide first aid to the victim on the spot. In Nirbhaya Kand, it took 45 minutes before she could get minimum medical attention. In this case, the delay was in getting police assistance, then transferring the victim to 25 minutes away to Safdarjung Hospital.

2. Every rape victim should get immediate medical attention. Even if the occurrence of rape is hidden from the police or from the society, it should never be hidden from the medical doctors as rape victim needs
immediate medical attention for prevention of possible pregnancy, prevention of sexually transmitted illnesses and prevention of HIV AIDS. Emergency contraception and post exposure prophylaxes for HIV is available.

3. Another issue linked to the above is that impunity need to be provided to doctors if a rape victim is handled by him or her and the family does not want police to be informed.

4. Post traumatic stress disorder counseling needs to be provided effectively to the affected victim for which designated centres need to be identified.

5. Gender sensitization and sex education needs to be promoted at school level. Every family physician in India should be trained in this subject. Every family physician should be trained as a family sex educator
so that those males who have excessive sexual desires or have a perverted mind, can be counseled and treated.

These were the points which I though I would have covered if I had got a chance to speak in the discussions, but, unfortunately, the health issues are never a priority in such discussions.

The mindset of the society is only towards punishing the culprit.

It is understandable that one should punish the culprit, but equally important is to counsel those males with excessive sexual desires so that they do not end up in committing a crime.

There will be youngsters who under the influence of alcohol may get sexually excited and end up in committing the crime. Counseling, education and treatment of them can prevent many rapes in the society.

PSM India Initiative Board Meeting

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1. Mr. Wajahat Habibullah
2. Dr. Pervez Ahmed
3. Mr. Ashok Kumar
4. Mr. S. Krishnan
5. Mr. P. C. Jha
6. Dr Prafull D. Sheth
7. Dr. K K Aggarwal
8. Mr. Bejon Misra
9. Dr. P. V. Venugopal
10.Mr. Brijesh Regal
11.Mr. T. K. Govindan
12.Dr. (Mrs) Meera Mitra
13.Ms. Reena George
14.Ms. Vandana Saxena
15.Dr. Rashmi Kulshrestha
16. Dr (Wg Cdr) Manisha Kukreja Bhatia
17.Mr Man Singh
18.Dr G N Singh
19.Linda M Distlearth

1. Drugs should be dispensed only against a valid prescription.
2. Nobody should buy a medicine without a bill.
3. Brand substitution is a crime.
4. Home delivery of drugs should be only against a faxed or e-mail prescription.
5. Everyone should participate in adverse drug reaction (ADR) protocol.
6. ADR reporting should be binding on the Doctors.
7. Patients can also report ADR.
8. New drug means any item introduced in last four years.
9. Every Doctor must have a copy of national formulary (India) of essential drug.
10. India today is supplying drugs to over 200 countries.
11. DCGI should inform every doctor about drug policy every month.
12. Doctor is also a consumer.
13. India is the only country where medicine strips are cut and 1-2 tablets are dispensed to the patients.
14. In South 40% of pharmacies do not have pharmacists.
15. Off labels use of drugs is not permitted in India.
16. White paper is needed as to how to communicate with all the doctors at one time.
17. All Doctors should read the package insert in the drug box.
18. MBBS education must talk about DCGI approved indications of a drug.