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For the first time, an artificial heart that may give patients up to five years of extra life has been successfully implanted in a 75-year-old French man, reports PTI. The artificial heart, designed by French biomedical firm Carmat, is powered by Lithium-ion batteries that can be worn externally.

The heart that was put into the patient at Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris uses a range of “bio-materials”, including bovine tissue, to reduce the likelihood of the body rejecting it, ‘The Telegraph’ reported. The device is developed by Dutch-based European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company.

The heart weighs as little as less than a Kg. The device mimics heart muscle contractions and contains sensors that adapt the blood flow to the patient’s moves.

The heart surfaces that come into contact with human blood are made partly from bovine tissue and not plastic, which can cause blood clots.