2013 Research Highlights

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Malaria vaccine found safe and protective

NIH researchers reported that a candidate malaria vaccine is safe and protected against infection in an early–stage clinical trial.

Gene variants predict response to breast cancer drugs

An international research team, with NIH support, found genetic variations that can be used to identify women who are most likely to benefit from this potentially life–saving strategy—and who should avoid it.

Urine test detects kidney transplant rejection

NIH–funded researchers found that certain molecules in urine can provide an early sign of transplant rejection. The test could allow doctors to act early to protect transplanted kidneys.

Technique directs immune cells to target leukemia

An NIH–funded team used a type of targeted immunotherapy to induce remission in 5 patients with this aggressive form of leukemia.

Medical management best to prevent second stroke

An NIH–funded clinical trial confirmed earlier findings that stenting adds no benefits over aggressive medical treatment alone for most of these patients.

Duration of obesity may affect heart disease

NIH researchers found that how long a young adult is obese may affect that person’s heart disease risk in middle age. The finding suggests that not only preventing but also delaying the onset of obesity can help reduce heart disease later in life.