Even Modi says ‘that to err is human’

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Take decisions without fear, said the PM Modi to his top officers. The PM demanded quick and bold decisions from the top officials without worrying about prosecuting agencies. He promised to back them all the way if they make honest mistakes. When some secretaries blamed the fear of enforcement agencies for delayed decisions, they were told by Modi not to fear prosecution if they do their work honestly. The PM suggested that the fear of enforcement agencies was largely exaggerated”. He further said “You need not worry if 2 out of your 10 decisions go wrong if you work with honest intentions,”

Will our MCI President come out with a similar statement and take away the fear from the mind of the practicing doctors who are living in fear of litigations? The public perception is that every death is negligence.

The PM statement says that honest human mistakes can happen in as many as 20% of the cases. Of course these mistakes should be honest and not intentional.