Reaction to the Healthcare Budget 2014–15 Dr KK Aggarwal

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The Honorable Minister of Finance, Arun Jaitly today tabled Union Budget 2014, a comprehensive agenda to bolster India’s long–term economic strengths and promote growth in other sectors too.

This Union Budget 2014 takes an important step to address the challenges and help to take advantage of the opportunities of the global economy, while ensuring sustainable social programs and sound public finances for future generations.

Commenting on the national Healthcare Budget 2014–2015, Padma Shri, Dr. BC Roy and DST National Science and Communication Awardee, Sr. National Vice – President Indian Medical Association and President of the Heart Care Foundation of India, Dr KK Aggarwal says “I am really happy with 2014 union budget as per healthcare sector is concerned. The sector is the growth engine for any developing country. With our Finance Minister proposing 4 new All India Institute Of Medical Sciences in the near future and also he proposes to be built and function All India Institute Medical College in every state of India , proposing of Rs. 100 crore for Beti Bacchao campaign, opening of 12 more government medical colleges, 31 new Laboratory for testing new drugs and ensuring its safety and 15 new rural health research centers, there will be a boost for the health sector. Rs. 28658 crore for sanitation and safe drinking water for girls in rural schools and Rs. 200 crore on women safety which will help the health status of the women. Rs.50, 000 crore been proposed for the betterment of urban sanitisation will be released by the Govt. Additionally better sanitation in the society with Swastha Bharat Abiyan campaign will help to check communicable disease. Rs. 50,000 crore for rural roads safety which will reduce road accidents .Increase in Prices of masala, tobaco and soft drinks to help to lower down the disease caused by consumption of these products. Introduction of e–visas will promote medical tourism. Increase in FDI in insurance sector by 49% will help in health insurance coverage. Separate schemes for differently abled people and tax exemption for senior citizen will help the society. The govt. also plans propose to release of more budgets for bio–research and indigenous manufacturing units will help heaper medical treatments. Lastly free primary health care to the needy. Definitely I see my country on the path of growth with this budget.”