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  1. More than one billion people are infested with round worms worldwide.
  2. The prevalence is higher in India.
  3. Adult worms live in the lumen of small intestine.
  4. The female worm produces fertilized eggs much faster in the stool.
  5. The eggs prefer warm, shady, moist conditions where they can survive for five years.
  6. Within days following consumption of contaminated food or water, the eggs hatch in the small intestine and release larvae every minute in the next 10 days.
  7. Most worms are asymptomatic.
  8. During migration in the lung, a patient may have asthma–like attack.
  9. High burden of worms in the intestine can cause nutritional deficiency.
  10. Heavy infection can also cause nutritional obstruction.
  11. Eggs do not appear in the stool for at least 40 days after infection.
  12. Treatment is deworming tablets.
  13. Deworming is not good when a lung infection is suspected.
  14. Deworming tablet can be given in a single dose.
  15. Mass treatment with a single dose of deworming tablet every 2–3 months for school children is recommended.

Prescribe insurance to all patients in your prescription

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When we do not take our car on the roads without insurance then why do we take our body out without insurance?

  1. Everybody should be insured and for those who cannot, the government must pay for their insurance. Insurance should be added in the prescription of a doctor.
  2. Even if a patient has a disease, he or she needs insurance so that he is covered for other illnesses. Remember one is entitled for 1% of the cover as room rent or 2% for the ICU bed.
  3. The coverage amount is for one full year. Do not exhaust it in one admission.
  4. The patients should choose their insurance so that even OPD treatment is added to the coverage.
  5. A person can have more than one insurance policy.
  6. Health is not mere absence of disease but a state of physical, mental, social, environmental, spiritual and financial well being.
  7. The purpose of life should be to desire for inner happiness and for that to earn righteously.
  8. One must plan for the old age; remember that today one can live above the age of 80 and old age treatments can be very costly.
  9. Most disputes are due to property and one must write his or her will in time. Property dispute is number one cause of heart attack in the country.
  10. All doctors should be insured against malpractice. To err is human and malpractice is not a criminal negligence.
  11. The banks should come out with schemes so that patients can get loans for treatments on the spot.

Nine modifiable risk factors for heart attack

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The majority of known risk factors for heart attack disease are modifiable by specific preventive measures.

Nine potentially modifiable factors include smoking, dyslipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, abdominal obesity, psychosocial factors, regular alcohol consumption, diet () and physical activity. These account for over 90 percent of the population attributable risk of a first heart attack.

Fruits and vegetables should be eaten daily; regular physical activity is also important. In addition, aspirin is recommended for primary prevention of heart disease for men and women whose 10–year risk of a first heart attack event is 6 percent or greater.

Smoking cessation reduces the risk of both heart attack and stroke. One year after quitting, the risk of heart attack and death from heart disease is reduced by one–half, and after several years begins to approach that of nonsmokers.

A number of observational studies have shown a strong inverse relationship between leisure time activity and decreased risks of cardiovascular disease. Walking 80 minutes in a day and whenever possible with a speed of 80 steps per minute are the current recommendations.

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