In conversation with Dr Robert Wah, President AMA

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Dr Veena Aggarwal, Oslo, Norway,

The President of the largest medical association of the world is a very charming, easy to talk to and down to earth person. A man of a tall stature literally and academically, Dr Robert wears many hats-Reproductive and Endocrinologist specialist at NIH and Walter Reed National medical and Military Center, President American Medical Association and Council Member of WMA – the World Medical Association.

According to Dr Robert, the biggest challenge in healthcare is to decide the best way of delivering medical care to people – to clear the necessary from the unimportant and make this ongoing process more meaningful and useful to the patients at large.

Social determinants of health like poverty and environment cannot be controlled but how to deliver the best health care taking these hurdles into cognisance is what turns around the tables in health care delivery.

We talk of increasing life expectancy by giving better health care but at the same time we need to recognize that this is resulting in an increase in the number of the elderly population, which has its own set of medical needs and challenges and these need to be addressed.

WMA gives a very good platform for all these deliberations and many more such issues like child abuse, alcohol restrictions, transgender issues, corporal punishment and many other ethical issues. AMA is as such a spokesperson for the medical community of the world as it is a representative of all the leading minds in healthcare of countries around the globe. It is an open platform where Nations from across the world come together to deliberate and collaborate to strengthen health policies on various issues.