7 highest paid medical malpractice cases in 2014

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  1. $32.8 Million – Chester, Pennsylvania for delayed delivery causing brain damage & cerebral palsy.

    Lily Ciechoski was delivered 1:49 AM in November 14, 2009 in Phoenixville Hospital, with brain damage and Lily suffers from spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. January 17, 2014, Common Pleas Court jury found negligence on the part of two nurses attending Leslie, Lily’s mother. The Ciechoskis were awarded $38.8.

  2. Strep infection leads to amputation of all limbs: $25.3 Million – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Ascaris Mayo, 53, mother of 4, had a Strep A infection (normally causes sore throat), which went undetected causing septic shock and massive infection leading to amputation of all 4 limbs. July 7, 2014, Milwaukee County jury ruled medical negligence; Ascaris and her husband were awarded $25.3 million; $15 million for pain and suffering/ $8.2 million in past and future health care costs/ $1.5 million for husband’s loss of companionship and $32.8 Million – Chester, Pennsylvania

  3. Delayed delivery resulted in brain hemorrhage: $14.5 Million – Cleveland, Ohio

    April 10, 2003, 9:00 PM, Alijah Stewart was born via emergency caesarian section with a massive brain hemorrhage. Alijah currently has cerebral palsy, cognitive delays, visual impairments and other issues that require lifelong care. June 10, 2014, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Ronald Suster and the jury awarded Alijah, 11 and Stephanie $14.5 million for this medical malpractice case: $8 million for future care costs, $5 million for pain and suffering, $1 million for cost of services and $500, 000 for past economic loses.

  4. $12 million – Redding, Connecticut: Hernia operation led to coma & permanent injuries

    Vivian Gagliano 65, had a routine hernia operation in 2008. A doctor was said to have punctured her colon which sent Vivian in a month-long coma, massive abdominal infection that required multiple other surgeries and resulted in the loss of most of her large intestine. May 30, 2014, jury of the medical malpractice case in Danbury Superior Court awarded $12 million to Vivian after 31 hours of deliberations.

  5. $4.5 million – Plymouth, Massachusetts, fractured rib punctured artery due to delayed intervention

    March 24, 2005, Geraldine Moran, 40 and mother of 3 died after a fall. Benjamin Novotny of Lubin & Meyer said Dr. Conn and Dr. Velmahos failed to order chest imaging nor assemble a trauma team to perform measures on the displaced rib. After 2 week trial, the doctors settled and paid $4.5 million for failing to take measures that might have prevented Geraldine’s death.

  6. Heart attack misdiagnosed as stomach illness: $4 Million – Jasper, Alabama

    January 15, 2008, Terry Hallmark 40, died of sudden cardiac arrest. After 7 days of a medical malpractice trial by Circuit Judge Hoyt Elliot, the Walker County jury gave a verdict in favor of Donna, Terry’s wife, and she was awarded $4 million. The defendant failed to consider and rule out a cardiac problem before sending the patient home.

  7. $1.3 Million – Jackson, Michigan: Tummy-tuck causes complications &long term medical issues

    On June 4, 2009 Katie Pagan, 44, underwent an elective surgery abdominoplasty or commonly called a tummy-tuck, which also included liposuction of the abdominal flap. February 18, 2014, the 10-day medical negligence case trial ended. Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson found Dr. Rifai breached the duty to meet a standard of care which caused Pagan’s physical and economic losses. After just 6 hours of deliberation, the jurors awarded a total of $1.3 million to Katie with breakdown as follows: $500,000 in damage for the physical pain and disfigurement and mental or emotional distress, $382,000 for loss of income and $430,000 for the economic loss through 2017.