Clinical Establishment Act Update (Part 1)

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In the 8th Meeting of National Council for Clinical Establishment, which was chaired by Dr Jagdish Prasad, DGHS, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) submitted a list of issues and objections related to Clinical Establishment Acts and Rules and persuaded the Council to discuss these issues separately in a special meeting under the Chairmanship of DGHS, which followed and IMA has been able to make following points/recommendations.

1. MA has demanded that the District Appropriate Authority must be headed by a medical person. DGHS informed the IMA members that as District Collector is the administrative head of the District, the change may not be necessary. (not agreed)

2. Exclusion of the police officer from the District Registering Committee has been agreed by the inter-ministerial Committee

3. It was recommended that single doctor clinical establishment (Husband & Wife should be taken as one unit/OAE Own Account Entrepreneur) who are providing only consultation services, may be exempted from the purview of Clinical Establishment Act. The IMA argued that single doctors are already covered under the Medical Council of India Act and are regulated by the Medical Council of India or State Medical Council.

4. Allowing Medical Establishment, which has entry level accreditation or above under NABH, need only registration under the Act and should automatically be registered under CEA without any other formalities has been referred to Ministry for decision whether this is permissible under the Act.

5. IMA raised objections to the other conditions of registration as included in Rule 9 of Central Govt. Rules, 2012. It was agreed that these conditions may be reviewed by DGHS and suggestions in this regard sent to Ministry for further action.