Top Stress Triggers for Indian Doctors

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With a slew of doctor suicides and stress related incidences occurring across the nation, it bears merit to examine what are the major things that cause doctors stress.

1) Work Timings Often times, doctors work 24 or 36 hour shifts.
2) Documentation Paperwork equivalent to Western standards are untaken by Indian doctors; however, the ratio of doctor to patients there is 1:10 at the maximum versus the average of 1:25 in India.
3) Lack of Faith Skeptical attitudes govern how patients and their attendants deal with doctors.
4) Infrastructure It is not surprising that infrastructure an be woefully inadequate in India, with cross-infections being extremely high, and in a lot of cases threat to doctors wellbeing due to unsanitary conditions
5) Legal Troubles With increasing medico legal cases being brought to court across the country, doctors have been thinking twice when treating patients, and often second-guess themselves. Law enforcement is also not in favor of doctors.
6) Taking Care of Oneself Doctors are so busy taking care of patients, that they often neglect their own health. It is advised that doctors undertake the following:
1) Put a voluntary cap on the work you take
2) Take short vacations and time out to relax
3) Be aware of medico-legal laws
4) Use technology for proper data management
5) Divide work pressure
6) Sleep at least 7-8 hours