RTA Fund, this is what IMA has been asking all throughout

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• The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in its proposed amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act has provisioned for a fund that will ensure free treatment of grievously injured victims.
• The amendment bill introduced in Lok Sabha earlier this month has proposed setting up a motor vehicle accident fund, which will be used for medical expenses of grievous hurt persons till they stabilize.
• The fund can be created by collecting certain cess or tax, any grant or loan made by the central government or any other source of finance as may be prescribed by the government.
• The fund shall be constituted for the purpose of providing compulsory insurance cover to all road users in the territory of India.
• The fund shall be utilised for treatment of grievously hurt persons, for paying compensation to representatives of persons killed or seriously hurt in hit and run motor crashes.
• Government would come out with the maximum liability amount that shall be paid in each case.
• People who have medical or life insurance cover, the payment made by government shall be deducted from the claim they receive from the insurance companies.
• The central government shall launch a scheme for cashless treatment of victims of the road crashes during the golden hour (first hour of crashes).