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Greetings from IMA HQs! Since the Team Digital IMA took over, we have achieved the following in the past 40 days:

• In the PCPNDT Act, IMA is pursuing the Ministry to exclude clerical errors under Penal Provisions.
• IMA is pursuing Ministry of Health to exclude single doctor establishment out of Clinical Establishment Act (CEA).
• IMA has been able to pursue the Govt. of India to write to all States to enact special Laws, where absent, in their respective states to tackle violence against medical profession and medical establishments and requested their strict implementation, where present.
• On IMA’s persuasion the government will recommend to Consumer Ministry to cap medical compensation.
• IMA 1 Voice Satyagraha, IMA 1 Voice Solidarity day and IMA 1 Voice Action Day was a great success
• IMA is in process of starting certifying IMA Clinics involving all national health programs.
• IMA has finalized IMA Prayer.
• Kerala State government has included noise and health as a Chapter in 8th standard syllabus on IMA’s recommendations.
• On IMA’s intervention, 304-B was converted into 304-A in Pune case.
• On IMA’s intervention, the 3 attempts for UG MBBS admission were shifted from retrospective to prospective.

The Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India has been persuaded by IMA for the following:

• Duration of e-medical visa to be 6 months, with double entry.
• Attendants traveling with patients to be made eligible for e-medical visa on automatic route with a simplified online application procedure.
• Hospitals to be responsible for reporting of personal details of patients to FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration Office) in lieu of present system of personal reporting.
• Requirement of referral letter from local doctor may be dropped.
• Visa fee for e-medical visa to be rationalized.
• Concerned agencies to expedite accreditation process and issue of accreditation letters with respect to treatment at Ayurveda and Wellness centers.
• Clear indication of the broad cost of various treatments readily available for the patients; hospitals should have all inclusive packages advertised within a band.
• Under the purpose of visit for e-TV category, a separate check box to be included for Medical Attendant and that this could then be linked with documentation of the original applicant for the e-Medical Visa so that it could be clearly established who is coming in as the attendant.
• e-Medical Visa on the basis of invitation letters from NABH-accredited hospitals.
• Separate immigration counters at major international airports for e-Medical Visas
• A facilitation counter for such tourists outside the immigration area under the aegis of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and the Hospital Association with interpreters for Russian and Arabic languages.
• NABH may set up such counters. The counter could also be connected to the MoT Helpline number 1363 for multi-language assistance, which is 24X7 service for tourists.
• The cost of e-Medical Visa should be on par with that of the Tourist Visa.
• MHA may be requested to include at least one Medical Attendant who could accompany the patient on the e- Medical Visa and that the visa application for the attendant be linked with that of the patient (e-Medical Visa applicant)

The aim of every State of IMA should be to act locally and think nationally. Let’s all join hands together with IMA HQs and solve all national issues in the coming months.