Annual HCFI Awards 2017 presented under various categories for noteworthy contribution in the field of healthcare

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Annual HCFI Awards 2017 presented under various categories for noteworthy contribution in the field of healthcare

  • Schools who took part in the Perfect Health Mela were also recognized
  • All present at the event trained in first aid and hands-only CPR 10

New Delhi, 09 November 2017: The Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI), a leading National NGO committed to making India a healthier and disease-free nation, organized the annual HCFI Awards 2017 on 9th November 2017. These awards are given to eminent personalities for their selfless contribution in promoting healthcare in the country. The award ceremony was followed by a felicitation of the schools that participated in the recently concluded Perfect Health Mela 2017.

The event also featured the launch of a video on the HCFI – ONGC Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan. ONGC has taken its Swacch Bharat Abhiyan to many parts of the country already. The public health awareness video prepared in collaboration with HCFI highlighted the intrinsic relationship between a clean environment and a healthy nation. Padma Shri Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal, National President IMA and President HCFI chaired the event in the presence of other distinguished guests. Those present were also trained in the life-saving technique of hands-only CPR 10 and first aid.

Delivering the welcome address, Padma Shri Awardee Dr K K Aggarwal, National President Indian Medical Association (IMA) and President Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI), said, “It was heartening to see the immense participation by schools at the Perfect Health Mela this year. We are happy to felicitate them for doing their bit towards healthcare and ensuring that they participate in the larger good of the community by creating awareness. I congratulate those who are receiving the awards today for their outstanding and selfless contribution to healthcare in the country. These awards will set an example for others in the field to work better and ensure that they create relevant awareness through their activities. Each one of us has a responsibility towards the environment, which will further translate into good health. Every citizen of the country must be ‘health aware’ and make efforts to be disease free and promote best practices. Preventive measures towards health must start right at a young age.”

More than 20 schools participated this year in various competitions and events in the Perfect Health Mela. This is a one-of-its-kind event organized by the HCFI every year to create awareness on health through competitions, campaigns, health check camps, and workshops. IMA is the knowledge partner for this event.

Accepting the HCFI awards for their contribution, Shri Rajesh Mittal and Ms Kamaleshwari, said, “We are very happy to receive this award today. However, we are happier to see a body like HCFI recognizing our contribution to healthcare. This award is not only an encouragement for us to work more in this direction but will also serve as an example for many others to follow suit and work towards improving healthcare outcomes in the country, in their own way.”

The workshop on first aid and hands-only CPR 10 aimed at educating people on the need to be aware of these basic techniques. First aid is a priority at any cost. By learning the technique of CPR 10, one can revive victims of sudden death within 10 minutes. Sudden death may include heart attack, electrocution deaths, hypothermia deaths, deaths due to choking, drowning deaths and other deaths, which occur suddenly without notice. Dr Aggarwal added that it is unfortunate that in our country, medical personnel cannot reach the victim early. It is, therefore, imperative for every citizen of the country to be trained in basic first aid including cardiac first aid to victims.

Giving the vote of thanks, Dr RN Tandon – Honorary Secretary General IMA, said, “The IMA has always supported any effort aimed at ensuring universal access to healthcare and creating awareness on health issues. This event is no different and I congratulate all the winners. I also thank all those present here for having attended the event and helping us take the agenda of ensuring health for all, a step further.”

HCFI awards were presented under the following categories to the following people.

  • HCFI K L Chopra Media Award for the best health news reporting for the year
    Shri Durgesh Nandan and Ms Payal Banerjee
  • HCFI K L Chopra Lifetime Achievement Media award
    Shri Rajesh Mittal, Shri Mukesh Aggarwal, Shri Alok Mohan Nayak
  • HCFI Dr Rakesh Gupta Excellence Award for the best philanthropic contribution in the field of a community health projectDr Mridula Pandey, Dr Arun Gupta (Sacchi Saheli), Dr Swati Bhave
  • HCFI Abheeta Khanna Lifetime Achievement Award for exemplary contribution in the field of PR and JournalismShri Veerendra Verma and Ms Ratan Kaul
  • HCFI Anil Jaju Excellence Award for the best project in the field of health awareness during the last one year by an NGOIndian Medical Association
  • HCFI Qimat Rai Aggarwal Excellence Award for contribution in the field of preventive health and environment preservation in the last one year
    Shri P K Bajaj and Dr Akshat Wahal
  • HCFI Dr Vijay Aggarwal Excellence Award for contributionto the society
    Ms Kamaleshwari
  • HCFI Dr K K Aggarwal Running Trophy for contribution to the field of health in the last one year
    Ms Paavani Gupta and Ms Santosh Kumari
  • HCFI Performer of the Year Award will be presented to the best performer from the HCFI Family
    Shri Ram Singh
  • HCFI Lifetime Achievement Award
    Shri D K Gupta, Dr U Kakroo and Shri K. Sareen
  • HCFI Perfect Health Mela Special Award
    Ms Geeta Anand, Ms Aruna Tyagi, Shri Yogesh Jaju, Shri Yogesh Pant, and Dr Prachi Garg

Controlling air pollution: Each one of us can make a difference

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High air pollution in Delhi NCR has recently dominated the front pages of newspapers particularly since the last two days when the air quality worsened sharply to hazardous levels. Delhi NCR continued to be enveloped by a thick smog due to the dangerously high levels of air pollutants leading to a state of public health emergency. Air pollution is a recurring problem and the authorities undoubtedly need to implement measures to reduce particulate matter in the air. But air pollution is mainly man made and because it harms human health it is of immediate concern to all. Improving the air quality is a collective responsibility. Each one of us can do something every day to prevent or at least help control the air pollution levels and keep the environment healthy. Mahatma Gandhi said You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Here is how each one of us can make a difference. Walk or cycle for short distance commutes or to the neighborhood market. Plan and combine all your errands in one area or close by areas for one trip. Limit driving and carpool. Use public transport as much as possible for longer distances. If you have to use your vehicle keep it well maintained for efficient functioning with regular servicing to reduce harmful exhaust emissions and get pollution check done as required. Follow speed limits. Avoid buying diesel vehicle. Avoid burning candles dhoop or incense sticks at home or workplace. Quitting smoking. Plant more trees. Limit the areas of bare soil by growing grass to reduce the amount of dust. Sprinkle water on exposed soil or construction sites regularly to reduce generation of dust. Wet mopping the floors at home or workplace. Avoid organizing outdoor parties or any other events when AQI crosses 200. Be a strong advocate for measures to control emission of air pollutants. Be active participants in activities to fight air pollution such as odd even vehicle rule. Follow all rules and laws as enforced by the state.