Drought followed by rainfall can provide optimum conditions for dengue outbreak

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India being dengue-endemic should include disease prevention strategies as part of its plans to combat the condition

New Delhi, 21 July 2018: A global consortium of researchers has developed an early warning system to alert authorities on the Caribbean island of Barbados when a dengue outbreak is likely to strike. The study has shown that a period of drought, followed by intense rainfall for 4 to 5 months, provides the optimum conditions for disease outbreak.

People are more likely to leave water containers outside their homes after a spell of drought. When a period of intense rainfall follows, these containers become the source for water to collect and a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Speaking about this, Padma Shri Awardee, Dr K K Aggarwal, President HCFI, said, “People tend to store water in containers during periods of drought. This provides an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, which lay their eggs in pools of standing water. There is a need to shift emphasis toward more proactive disease prevention strategies that do not rely as strongly on responding to detected cases alone. Many parts of India too face drought-like conditions and people store water in several containers to meet their needs. And when the first rains come after periods of bright sunshine and scorching summers, some people like to keep containers or vessels outside to collect the first rainwater. Our roofs and verandahs or open spaces around the houses already are dumping grounds for old tyres, discarded drums, cans, utensils, etc. The mosquitoes, Aedes specifically, therefore have ample breeding sites. India is a dengue-endemic country and therefore, these habits need to change. One must learn to keep only what is required and discard what is not.”

Jainism calls the act of letting go as aparigraha, one of the five great vows (maha-vratas). Aparigraha is also one of the five Yamas described in Patanjali Yoga Sutras. The others are ahimsa, satya, asteya, and brahmacharya.

Adding further, Dr Aggarwal, who is also the Group Editor of IJCP, said, “Needs often become synonymous with desires. Aparigrahacan help us separate the two. We clean our houses customarily during the festival of Diwali. This is also the time when we dispose of all the unwanted items by giving them away. A similar Diwali-like cleaning houses can be done before the onset of monsoons to remove or dispose of all the discarded old containers etc. in which water can collect and become breeding grounds for the mosquitoes.”

Some tips from HCFI

Few other points to be considered include the following.

  • A community approach means that 100% of the society talks about dengue. Every premise must indicate that it is mosquito free. When you are invited to someone’s house, you should ask “I hope your premises are mosquito free”. When you invite, write, “welcome to my house, it is mosquito free”.
  • The idea of checking your house once a week needs a change. One needs to be alert every day. It should be a part of your routine. You do not clean your premises once a week. Make it a habit to look for the breeding places.

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    Sir,I am regular reader of your platform and very impressed with the contents of the articles,and in society,in media,in public, from govt side,every where,we listen doctors are like dacoit,hospitals are looting the patients,and so on,your platform has raised so many issues,but I am sorry ,and as parent,I want to bring it into your notice, neither your platform,not medical fraternity,and media,has never highlighted and with that much stress,the open loot and fleecing of children and parents,by private medical colleges,and there is no one to listen their grivences,and they have been given free hand to fleece the students,there have been never so much hue and cry from politician,public, suo-motto notice by judiciary,and in the same way as everybody raise concern about the increasing cost of medical treatment,and to favour admission in these colleges,pass percentage in qualifying exam has been reduced from 50 percent to just 20percent by introducing percentile system.Medical faternity has never raised and to that extent their concern on issue of increasing fees,and lowering merit.Govt is offering just 20000-30000/,to doctors,and imagine, with this much amount,he will not be able to pay even interest on the loan taken for his studies, what to speak of two time meals.Insted of cursing doctors,why this practice is not curtailed from the start of admission,or it is the only problem of the parents ,who to get admission for their children.Really very sad