Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) organizes Mega Health Camp and discourse on inner healing on World Health Day 2019

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  • Hon’ble Chief Secretary of Delhi, Shri Vijay Kumar Dev was the chief guest for the day
  • Over 10 dharma gurus give insights on physical to spiritual heart and healing from within

New Delhi, 7th April 2019: The Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) organized a mega health camp on World Health Day at the Acharya Sushil Muni Ashram, Defence Colony, New Delhi on 7th April 2019. The event was conducted in association with Public Diplomacy Forum, Temple of Understanding Foundation, IMA-New Delhi Branch, World Fellowship of Religions, Vishwa Ahimsa Sangh, Delhi Heart and Lung Institute, the Lions Club of Delhi, Alaknanda, and Sai Milan.

Hon’ble Chief Secretary of Delhi Shri Vijay Kumar Dev graced the event as the Chief Guest for the day. Other special guests included Shri C K Khanna, President, BCCI; and Dr Anurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Business World. Over 10 dharma gurus delivered ashirvachan on ‘Physical to spiritual heart: the healing within”. This was followed by the World Health Day awards ceremony honoring people for their contribution to healthcare and access to it.

Doctors from across medical specialties such as cardiology, ENT, gynecology, homeopathy, Ayurveda, and others were present to conduct free health checkups and consultations. Over 600 people availed the checkups during the mega health camp.

Speaking about this, Padma Shri Awardee, Dr KK Aggarwal, President, HCFI, said, “The theme for the World Health Day this year is universal health coverage and this camp is an attempt at furthering this vision. We are happy to have so many people avail the checkups today. Good health begins with inner healing and this has been reinforced today by all the eminent dharma gurus present with us. It is an honor to have them with us today and we hope that everyone benefited from the event in some way or the other.”

Adding further, Shri Vijay Kumar Dev, said, “I thank the organizers for having invited me to this event. It is imperative to understand that healing and good health begin within us and each one of us have the responsibility to help realize the government’s policy towards making health coverage accessible to one and all. Change must begin at a personal level and I am sure that with the insights gained today, everyone will take a positive step forward in this direction.”

The dharma gurus attending the event discussed how physical healing is also a process towards overall well-being. They talked about how each one of us can be the change we wish to see in the larger context.

Some health sutras from HCFI on World Health Day

  • High blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol can remain silent for up to a decade.
  • A pulse rate of less than 60 or more than 100 is abnormal.
  • Weight loss of 10kg can reduce upper blood pressure by 5-20 mmHg.
  • Restricting salt intake to less than 6gm per day can reduce upper blood pressure by 2-8 mmHg.
  • A 1% increase in cholesterol increases chances of heart attack by 2%.
  • A 1% increase in good HDL cholesterol decreases chances of heart attack by 3%.
  • Any chest pain, which lasts for less than 30 minutes duration is not a heart pain.
  • Keep air pollution (particulate matter PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels) below 80 µg per cubic meter
  • To revive a cardiac arrest victim, compress the center of the chest of the victim within 10 minutes of death (earlier the better) at least for the next 10 minutes (longer the better), with a speed of at least 10×10=100 per minute.

List of awardees

  • Dr Naman Wahal – Orthopedician AIIMS
  • Dr Gaganpreet Kapoor, Dental Surgeon, Art-De-Dental
  • Dr Varun Katyal – Diet and nutrition expert
  • Dr Shilpi Gupta – Gynaecologist
  • Ms Neetu Singhal, Mission Navdrishti Times
  • Mr Venkatesh, National Express
  • Ms Himidristi Suwan
  • Mr Vishal Verma Yoga Therapist
  • Dr Blossom Kochhar
  • Mr Aman Bhandari
  • Mr Akshay Bhatti
  • Ms Manisha Bhatia, Abhinandan NGO
  • Dr Vishal Grover, Ophthalmologist
  • Ms Priyanka Jagga
  • Ms Rekha Gupta
  • Mr Vijay Sharma, Sai Milan
  • Ms Poonam Khanna
  • Mr Anil Bhasin
  • Dr Deepak Rathi
  • Mr Vikas Rathi
  • Mr Udit Kumar
  • Ms Aarti Lumba
  • Ms Ratan Kaul, Public Diplomacy Forum
  • Ms Deepaa Gupta, World wellness Foundation.
  • Ms Shilpa Raina Wahal, Public Diplomacy Forum

List For Dharm Guru

  • Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas SFX, Chairman of Executive Committee, CBCI Society for Medical Education – North India & Secretary General, CBCI.
  • Engineer Waris Hussain, Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
  • Imam Umer Ilyasi, President, All India Organisation of Imams of Mosques.
  • Rabbi E. I. Malekar, Secretary & head priest, Judah Hyam Synagogue.
  • H. H. Goswami Sushil Maharaj, Goswami Sushil Ashram.
  • Pujya Vijendra Nandan Prabhu, ISKCON Temple
  • Acharya Vivek Muni Dharmananda Jain, Head Priest, Acharya Sushil Ashram.
  • Prof. Kavas Kapadia, Zoroastrian Scholar & professor, School of Planning & Architecture.

  • Ven. Lama Chosphel Zotpa, President, Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association.
  • Sardar Paramjit Chandhok, Executive Member, Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee.
  • Dr. A. K. Merchant, General Secretary, Temple of Understanding India Foundation; National Trustee, Lotus Temple & Baha’I Community of India.
  • Ven. Sumithananda Thero,  Joint Secretary, Mahabodhi Society of India
  • His Grace Archbishop of Delhi Dr. Anil J. T. Couto, Sacred Heart Cathedral.
  • Jenab Pirzada Siraj Madani Nizami, Sufi Leader, Madani Manzil,
  • Ven. Lama Lobzang, President, Ashok Mission.
  • Prof. Dr. Arvind Alok, Chairman, Buddhist Monuments Development Council.