Coronavirus an International Public Health Emergency

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India should create rapid response infrastructure for handling global epidemics

Quality medical institutions, huge workforce of trained doctors and nurses, and low-cost yet high-quality pharmaceutical industry in India can benefit UN/WHO in rapidly and inexpensively responding to the global epidemics (pandemics), which is the need of the hour after the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, China that is spreading globally!

Four years back, Bill Gates warned that the next disaster that will kill 10 million people, will not be a war, but a virus causing global epidemic, for which the world is not ready even with 1000s of epidemiologists, and lacs of trained medical workforce.

Gates warned that the world has created anti-missile system for wars but has not created system stopping epidemics.

This warning was repeated in October 2019 (just 6 weeks before the first coronavirus was reported from Wuhan, China) that over 33 million may die within 6 months of a very likely pandemic spreading quickly based on big data analytics.

Bill Gates and several simulation experts of such pandemics have urged the world to create a workforce that will work under UN/WHO for responding to such pandemics, because there will be so much of distrust and misinformation that only UN/WHO will be considered credible.

This is a huge opportunity for India to leverage its large educated and English-speaking population, medical institutions and pharmaceutical industry to contribute the biggest workforce under UN/WHO for responding to such pandemics, much like how India contributes the biggest workforce towards UN peacekeeping.

While USA and Europe may create vaccine for such pandemics, the UN/WHO will require a huge supply chain of trained workforce and medical supplies that India can provide, which will not only give major boost to the Indian economy but also further India’s role as a truly global leader.

Dr KK Aggarwal

President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA