Knee hygiene

10:59 am Health Care
  • Lifestyle changes can help stave off arthritis.
  • Protecting the knees when one is younger may help prevent serious problems such as arthritis and the need for knee replacement when one is older.
  • Nearly half of adults develop arthritis in at least one knee by age 85, and the risk is even greater for obese people.
  • Extra pounds increase the strain on knee joints.
  • Eachy time one takes a step, one applies three times the body weight to the knee. While running, it’s five times; while jumping, it’s seven times.
  • Seventy percent weight loss is done by diet and 30 percent by exercise.
  • One cannot eat the same and exercise the pounds. It’s a myth.
  • Low-impact activities such as swimming and cycling are better for the knees than high-impact workouts such as running or aerobics.
  • Good core strength (abs, back and pelvis) also helps protect the knees.
  • The knees can be subjected to abnormal stress if the shoes don’t give a stable base as one walks. Many patients experience dramatic reductions in knee pain after getting orthotics or shoes specifically made to fit their feet.
  • If the knee pain lasts more than two weeks, one needs to see a doctor because there might be something mechanically wrong with the knee.

[Methodist Center for Sports Medicine, news release, Aug. 2, 2010]

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